Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a few pics!

I realized that I haven't put up pics in a while & the boys are getting so big. So here you go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Funny Realization of the Week

The boys have been fighting a lot lately. Really fighting. Pulling each other to the floor, hitting (well their version of hitting) & just being mean to each other a lot. Well Monday morning the boys were fighting over a toy. Evan had been playing with it & Ethan decided he wanted to play too. Evan didn't want to play with Ethan & told him No several times & Ethan wouldn't listen. Ethan tried to take the toy away & Evan bit him. He actually had Ethan's entire thumb in his mouth. So I took the toy away, checked on Ethan & Evan got in trouble. A little while later after they'd both calmed down & stopped crying, Evan climbed up on the couch to sit between Ethan & I. He looked at Ethan & told me "he bites." I kept looking at him & saying, "No, he didn't bite you, you bit him." I don't know what made it click but after the tenth or so time that he said it, I looked at Ethan again & realized that Evan (who has never sucked his thumb or wanted a pacifier) thinks that Ethan is biting himself when he sucks his thumb. I tried to explain to Evan that he wasn't biting himself but I don't think that he had a clue what I was talking about. It was cute either way.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Crazy Life

I realized this morning that it's been almost 2 months since I've written anything. I haven't felt like there was anything interesting in our lives to write about. We get up, play, cook dinner, and go to work. Most days it just seems very monotonous. I guess I'll try to pick up any high points by starting off where I finished.

Jeremy's Party was fun. The boys had a great time with the grandparents and it was awesome for Erik and I to get some time away by ourselves. I was a little panicked at the time, but resisted the urge and the boys did great. Evan even got to go swimming. Of course, coming home after they've been away is fun. It always takes a few days for things to get back to normal. We got a chance to see Erik's friend Doug while we were in Houston as well. While we were there, we discovered the infatuation that is Rock Band (it's an xbox game). It was all that Erik could talk about when we got home.

In October, we were able to go back to Doug's for his Halloween Party for the first time since I was pregnant with Ethan. Ethan got to go to Bandera with Mammaw & Papa and on a boat for the first time for a party. Evan went to see Granny & Grandpa in Hitchcock and got to ride on his new Spiderman trike. Maybe he'll actually learn to use the pedals (I forgot to ask if he tried), Ethan still doesn't use them on his.

Halloween was fun. After procrastinating getting costumes so long that I couldnt' find a Robin costume, Ethan ended up being a police officer and Evan was Batman. We took the boys out in neighborhood & the basket was overflowing before we got home... with Ethan telling me "It's just killing me, you carry it." We didn't even go around the block.

We took the boys to San Antonio last weekend to see their first air show. Ethan loves airplanes and Erik had been showing him videos of the Blue Angels online to get him ready (and used to the noise). Mammaw & Papa went as well & Papa took a ton of really awesome pics. I'm not sure Evan caught anything that was going on & Ethan was really just interested in playing with the toy planes that Mammaw got them, but we had a lot of fun either way.

So it's November... I can't believe it's the Holidays already. Time to get it together and figure out what we're going to do. I plan to get Evan's party invites out before Thanksgiving, since his party will be on December 27th and I know planning things around the holidays is hard. I'm thinking we're going to have another Diego party, because Evan loves Diego & first thing every morning (well as soon as he's sitting down with his food), he tells me that he wants Diego.

Evan is pretty much on full sentences now. He does use single words occaisionally, but it's mostly when he's just pointing something out. He's also started taking up for himself when Ethan is being mean and a lot of times, Evan is actually the bully himself these days.

In other adventures, we thought that we'd move Evan into the room with Ethan a few weeks ago. We moved Ethan into his big boy bed and room when he turned two, so we thought it was time. We were so very wrong. Papa brought the McQueen bed up and at naptime that day I put the boys down together. I don't think either of them slept at all. That night, when I got home from work they were in there still awake, even though Erik had put them to bed hours earlier. Initially, Ethan wouldn't stop kicking Evan out of the McQueen bed because he wanted it, and then Evan wouldn't stay in bed after we got Ethan to stop. We finally got them to bed that first night by me laying down on the floor in there until Ethan was asleep so that I would keep Evan in bed (and Ethan wasn't about to get out of his while I was in there). The next day was the same story. At nap time, I moved all the toys out of the room (they're actually still in Evan's room in tubs), but when I got home from work, they were still up again. So we went in and moved Evan back to the crib. We'd really like to be able to put them in a room together, but I think it's going to take a while longer. The freedom alone is a little overload for Evan at the moment.

Potty training is so much fun. UGH! Ethan's down to only wearing pull ups at night. We tried making it so that he could get out of his room at night to go to the bathroom but he still thinks it's dark and won't go in there by himself. What he was doing instead was coming downstairs and sitting on the couch and getting into everything that he couldn't when I'm awake. So we moved the gate upstairs and put a doorknob cover on Evan's door. So Ethan could get out of his room but couldn't go anywhere but the bathroom. So he dragged a chair out of his room, climbed up and turned on the hallway light and got the stylus to the a/c. The first night he even went in the bathroom and put shampoo in his dry hair. So I had to move EVERYTHING out of his reach (even if he was standing on a chair). Part of this stuff was put in a tub, and moved into Ethan's closet. So since there wasn't anything for him to get into, he taught himself to open doors with the door knob covers still on them. While Evan was in the room with him, he broke into the closet and got into the tub with the shampoo in it again. Erik said that they both had their hair full of it that first night before he washed it out. The boys are back in separate rooms now, and we had to turn Ethan's door knob around (otherwise, when he got sent to his room for being bad, he'd just come right out). So now we have to lock Ethan's door from the outside at night. But don't think for a second that this alone has stopped him. Erik has had to take the knob apart twice now because Ethan's managed to break it where he could get it unlocked. Actually, he did it again last night as well. I woke up in the middle of the night to what I thought was him kicking his door, and when I got up to go tell him to stop, he was in Evan's room agan (with the door locked from the inside). I caught him in there on Friday as well when I got home from work (I went in during the day since Erik was home) & he had climbed up on the changing table and found the lysol bottle that I was using on Evan's bed when I couldn't stop the kids from taking his clothes/diaper off and putting him poopy hands on everything. Ethan had sprayed the whole room with lysol & I'm pretty sure he even sprayed Evan. So now we're back on the quest to figure out how to keep him out. Whoever coined the term, Terrible Twos was way off, the Threes have been much much worse. Let's just hope he stops soon (although I don't expect that it will)... since Evan'll be entering the hellion phase before the end of the year.