Monday, December 1, 2008

December already???

I can't believe it's December already! It seems like this year has completely flown by. I can't believe that my boys are about to be 2 and 4. Time to start getting ready for Christmas and Evan's birthday. I have all the invites ready, but haven't mailed them out because I keep forgetting to buy stamps.

We had such a busy week last week, or I did at least. Since my work was closed on Thursday and Friday, I worked late on Monday & Tuesday & then went in during the day on Wednesday. Plus, there was grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning that all had to be done before Thursday. I took on making a carrot cake & stuffing from scratch for the first time. The cake was wonderful. I actually just ate the last piece a little bit ago. HEHE. The stuffing was okay. The recipe called for 2 whole onions and it ended up being entirely too much. So we had dinner with my parents at our house before heading down south for dinner with Erik's parents that night. Erik even let us use the Thai flatware that we got from Rooster for the first time. Hurray! I really like having part of it here. It made it so easy with the boys. Next year, we'd like to have everyone at our house, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

On Friday, I braved the crowds and went shopping with my dad. I made a list of what I wanted from the stores and went in on a mission. We were at Walmart before 4:30 & then Target in line to get in at 5:15 & back home by 6:30 (this is only impressive if you note that Target didn't actually open until 6). We made a stop after Target but due to some convenient advertising techniques I didn't get what I wanted from Office Depot. It wasn't a Christmas present anyway so I don't really care. All said I saved a little over $100 by going out and shopping then instead of waiting, which means the kids will get to have more presents to open. I was able to finish all of my shopping for Ethan and Erik & just need to grab a few things for Evan still... granted, I have to decide what that's going to be.

The rest of the weekend went well also. We watched movies on Friday afternoon/evening and then my parents left on Saturday morning. Erik & I stayed up together (since I'd been crashing out on him all week even though I'm usually up later than him these days) & all in all it was a great break. This week is more running. My boss and coworker that normally do the same thing I do, are both going to be out part of this week. Since it is closeout, it's bad timing, but there really wasn't a choice, so I'll be trying to get in some extra hours the rest of the week to keep us caught up. Then on Friday is Erik's work Christmas Party. Erik's mom is coming to watch the boys, so we should be able to have a nice adult evening.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a few pics!

I realized that I haven't put up pics in a while & the boys are getting so big. So here you go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Funny Realization of the Week

The boys have been fighting a lot lately. Really fighting. Pulling each other to the floor, hitting (well their version of hitting) & just being mean to each other a lot. Well Monday morning the boys were fighting over a toy. Evan had been playing with it & Ethan decided he wanted to play too. Evan didn't want to play with Ethan & told him No several times & Ethan wouldn't listen. Ethan tried to take the toy away & Evan bit him. He actually had Ethan's entire thumb in his mouth. So I took the toy away, checked on Ethan & Evan got in trouble. A little while later after they'd both calmed down & stopped crying, Evan climbed up on the couch to sit between Ethan & I. He looked at Ethan & told me "he bites." I kept looking at him & saying, "No, he didn't bite you, you bit him." I don't know what made it click but after the tenth or so time that he said it, I looked at Ethan again & realized that Evan (who has never sucked his thumb or wanted a pacifier) thinks that Ethan is biting himself when he sucks his thumb. I tried to explain to Evan that he wasn't biting himself but I don't think that he had a clue what I was talking about. It was cute either way.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Crazy Life

I realized this morning that it's been almost 2 months since I've written anything. I haven't felt like there was anything interesting in our lives to write about. We get up, play, cook dinner, and go to work. Most days it just seems very monotonous. I guess I'll try to pick up any high points by starting off where I finished.

Jeremy's Party was fun. The boys had a great time with the grandparents and it was awesome for Erik and I to get some time away by ourselves. I was a little panicked at the time, but resisted the urge and the boys did great. Evan even got to go swimming. Of course, coming home after they've been away is fun. It always takes a few days for things to get back to normal. We got a chance to see Erik's friend Doug while we were in Houston as well. While we were there, we discovered the infatuation that is Rock Band (it's an xbox game). It was all that Erik could talk about when we got home.

In October, we were able to go back to Doug's for his Halloween Party for the first time since I was pregnant with Ethan. Ethan got to go to Bandera with Mammaw & Papa and on a boat for the first time for a party. Evan went to see Granny & Grandpa in Hitchcock and got to ride on his new Spiderman trike. Maybe he'll actually learn to use the pedals (I forgot to ask if he tried), Ethan still doesn't use them on his.

Halloween was fun. After procrastinating getting costumes so long that I couldnt' find a Robin costume, Ethan ended up being a police officer and Evan was Batman. We took the boys out in neighborhood & the basket was overflowing before we got home... with Ethan telling me "It's just killing me, you carry it." We didn't even go around the block.

We took the boys to San Antonio last weekend to see their first air show. Ethan loves airplanes and Erik had been showing him videos of the Blue Angels online to get him ready (and used to the noise). Mammaw & Papa went as well & Papa took a ton of really awesome pics. I'm not sure Evan caught anything that was going on & Ethan was really just interested in playing with the toy planes that Mammaw got them, but we had a lot of fun either way.

So it's November... I can't believe it's the Holidays already. Time to get it together and figure out what we're going to do. I plan to get Evan's party invites out before Thanksgiving, since his party will be on December 27th and I know planning things around the holidays is hard. I'm thinking we're going to have another Diego party, because Evan loves Diego & first thing every morning (well as soon as he's sitting down with his food), he tells me that he wants Diego.

Evan is pretty much on full sentences now. He does use single words occaisionally, but it's mostly when he's just pointing something out. He's also started taking up for himself when Ethan is being mean and a lot of times, Evan is actually the bully himself these days.

In other adventures, we thought that we'd move Evan into the room with Ethan a few weeks ago. We moved Ethan into his big boy bed and room when he turned two, so we thought it was time. We were so very wrong. Papa brought the McQueen bed up and at naptime that day I put the boys down together. I don't think either of them slept at all. That night, when I got home from work they were in there still awake, even though Erik had put them to bed hours earlier. Initially, Ethan wouldn't stop kicking Evan out of the McQueen bed because he wanted it, and then Evan wouldn't stay in bed after we got Ethan to stop. We finally got them to bed that first night by me laying down on the floor in there until Ethan was asleep so that I would keep Evan in bed (and Ethan wasn't about to get out of his while I was in there). The next day was the same story. At nap time, I moved all the toys out of the room (they're actually still in Evan's room in tubs), but when I got home from work, they were still up again. So we went in and moved Evan back to the crib. We'd really like to be able to put them in a room together, but I think it's going to take a while longer. The freedom alone is a little overload for Evan at the moment.

Potty training is so much fun. UGH! Ethan's down to only wearing pull ups at night. We tried making it so that he could get out of his room at night to go to the bathroom but he still thinks it's dark and won't go in there by himself. What he was doing instead was coming downstairs and sitting on the couch and getting into everything that he couldn't when I'm awake. So we moved the gate upstairs and put a doorknob cover on Evan's door. So Ethan could get out of his room but couldn't go anywhere but the bathroom. So he dragged a chair out of his room, climbed up and turned on the hallway light and got the stylus to the a/c. The first night he even went in the bathroom and put shampoo in his dry hair. So I had to move EVERYTHING out of his reach (even if he was standing on a chair). Part of this stuff was put in a tub, and moved into Ethan's closet. So since there wasn't anything for him to get into, he taught himself to open doors with the door knob covers still on them. While Evan was in the room with him, he broke into the closet and got into the tub with the shampoo in it again. Erik said that they both had their hair full of it that first night before he washed it out. The boys are back in separate rooms now, and we had to turn Ethan's door knob around (otherwise, when he got sent to his room for being bad, he'd just come right out). So now we have to lock Ethan's door from the outside at night. But don't think for a second that this alone has stopped him. Erik has had to take the knob apart twice now because Ethan's managed to break it where he could get it unlocked. Actually, he did it again last night as well. I woke up in the middle of the night to what I thought was him kicking his door, and when I got up to go tell him to stop, he was in Evan's room agan (with the door locked from the inside). I caught him in there on Friday as well when I got home from work (I went in during the day since Erik was home) & he had climbed up on the changing table and found the lysol bottle that I was using on Evan's bed when I couldn't stop the kids from taking his clothes/diaper off and putting him poopy hands on everything. Ethan had sprayed the whole room with lysol & I'm pretty sure he even sprayed Evan. So now we're back on the quest to figure out how to keep him out. Whoever coined the term, Terrible Twos was way off, the Threes have been much much worse. Let's just hope he stops soon (although I don't expect that it will)... since Evan'll be entering the hellion phase before the end of the year.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Potty Training & More

I thought it would never happen, but Ethan is almost completely potty trained. FINALLY! He still has to wear a pullup at nap time & during the night, but we're working on it & he's doing really well. He goes all by himself now & after Erik comes home he'll even put his clothes back on for himself. Granted, he's still trying to convince me that he can't do it & that I need to put them on for him.

Evan is getting bigger all the time. He still thinks that he needs to eat everything in sight (even if it belongs to a stranger). At the grocery store yesterday, I let the boys have a sample of the sausage biscuit that they were demo-ing. The lady cut is pretty small (thankfully because I knew Evan would shove the entire thing in his mouth as soon as he got it). So they ate their pieces & then Evan proceeded to cry for the next 10 minutes because he wanted more. Mind you, I fed them before we left to go to the store.

He's also starting to talk more now. Ethan rambled & baby talked quite a bit at this age and Evan doesn't really do that much. He will do it from time to time, but most of the time he's quiet unless he has something to say. For instance, he's started asking for his cup now when he wants it.

The boys will be spending their first night in a long time away from me next weekend. Erik & I are going to Houston for my best friend Jeremy's 30th Birthday Party Roast. Ethan is going to Mammaw & Papa Wilder's & Evan is going to Granny & Grandpa Hamm's house. It should be for an interesting weekend.

Hurricane Ike. What can I say? It's so crazy to look at pictures of Texas City & Galveston and realize that things that I'd known my whole life no longer exist. The dike looks to have been wiped clean on both sides. No more bait camps, no more docks for the shrimpers. And Galveston... wow. My mom's office was on Harborside Drive (Port Industrial or Port I to those of us that grew up down there). The building is at the corner of 37th & is just after you come off of the big 4way bridge if you are headed towards UTMB. It took on 14 feet of water, 4' of which was over the loading dock and into my mom's office. Below the loading dock was the warehouse. All of the saws and metal in stock was under water. Mom's office had to be gutted and she lost all of her pics of the boys. Thank God this is the digital age & I can reproduce any picture that she had. Their house fared surprisingly well. There was no damage other than the loss of a few shingles, and the loss of power for a few days. Mom came up here & stayed with us, while dad rode out the storm in the house in Hitchcock. I'm so very very grateful that he is okay, as is their house. Some friends in the area weren't as lucky. I can't imagine what would have happened if this had been a stronger storm.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We had such a busy weekend. Saturday we went to New Braunfels for my cousin's son Talon's 2nd birthday party. While we were there Ethan fell in the pool. He was close to the side & I was able to pull him out pretty quickly, but it still gave Erik & I quite a scare. After the party, we headed over to meet the Wilder's for dinner at Salt Lick. But as soon as we got out there & started unloading the kids, it started pouring. We had an awesome dinner & the weather finally died down some before we left, but we still didn't get any rain at our house. The radar even said is was raining here the other day. But nothing. Erik's garden isn't doing so well with this weather even though he's been watering like crazy. However, I did see some storm clouds today, so maybe just maybe if we all keep our fingers crossed, we'll actually get some rain. Another bonus, our white trash neighbors finally mowed their lawn today. WOO HOO! The guys are nice enough but their yard is turning into a bigger dump by the day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ethan started using the potty again today!!!!

He saw that I wasn't going to let him wear pullups anymore & actually ran to the bathroom saying he needed to go, when he's been putting up a fight for weeks!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New do

I forgot to mention the other day that Erik's mom & dad, sis & Aunt Tammy sent me to the salon to get my hair done for my birthday. It was much needed & I greatly appreciate it. It's nice to not have to carry around all of that extra weight on my head anymore & it looks cute too.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's August

I can hardly believe that it's August already. I've been home with the boys for just over 6 months now. It's been wonderful... even with all the attitude.

Lots is changing. I'm going back to work part-time starting this week. I'll be working nights from 6-10 at my old company. Just doing a scanning that sort of stuff. Nothing major, but it'll be nice for us to have some spending money again. We went up there twice this past week to get everything set up & the boys had fun running around & playing with everyone. They love attention & it's a change of scenery as well.

My parents came up this weekend to spend my birthday with us & got me this AWESOME new laptop. Now I can stay in the living room & post on here or email during the day without letting them out of my sight. Which means... less fighting. These days they fight a lot. Mostly, it's just because Evan won't take Ethan's crap anymore. So what happens is, Evan gets a toy, Ethan decides he wants that toy & attempts to take it. Evan in turn, hits Ethan & has even bitten him. Then I have both of the boys crying because they got in trouble. And Ethan doesn't understand that the reason Evan bites is because he used to do it to him. Fun fun.

Like I said I start work part time this week, so it'll be a new experience for us all. I'll probably be exhausted by the end of the week, but it'll be good for all of us.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Monday!

We haven't really been doing much lately. We've been in the baby pool a few times, but that's about it. On Saturday, Granny came & picked us up & we went out to the McDade Watermelon Festival for the day. We were completely exhausted when we got home & crashed out. The boys hadn't had a nap yet & I hadn't slept the night before, so we all went to bed when we got back & didn't get up until 7 that night. Here's a few pics of the boys. Evan is getting so big, but he's still so sweet. He gives kisses now too.
Ethan climbing on the hay trailer on Saturday. He tried to pick up a watermelon as soon as Granny put him up there.
That's about it for now. The boys are napping & Erik's home sick today. Hopefully, he'll start feeling better & the boys'll be in better moods this afternoon.

Monday, June 30, 2008

18 Months!

I'm not feeling real well today, so I'm going to make this short & sweet.

Evan had his 18 month appointment with the doctor this morning. Everything went well & he didn't even flinch when he got his shot. It's the last one that he'll have to get until he's 4 (which also means that Ethan'll be getting some the next time he goes - maybe I shouldn't schedule that one for his birthday). The doctor said that he is doing great & that the softspot has completely closed up. It also looks like he has managed to get all but one of his first molars in. The next ones should come in around 2.

Height: 32"
Weight: 26lbs 6oz
Head Circumference: 48 3/4"

He's right at the 50th percentile for height & weight, but apparently he has a pretty big noggin. It's in the 70th percentile.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hope you all have a great one!

I haven't posted since there hasn't really been much going on with the boys. They run around crazy kids & yell a lot, but there really isn't anything new. They are starting to play together more and more, as opposed to just fighting which was the norm, but the second that Daddy gets home from work/gym they both run to him for attention (who needs Mommy when they get to see her all day long?). It's actually pretty cute. Evan thinks it's a game now & doesn't want to come to me after this (probably because he knows it's almost bed time). Ethan's been doing better. I haven't had to answer any questions about dinosaurs in a few days. He saw a lizard when we were outside with Erik the other night & wanted to catch it. Erik told him that when he's older they'll try. Five minutes later it was dark & he wanted to go in the house anyway. He doesn't want to be outside in the dark even if Daddy & I are there.

Well it's getting later & I've got a lot to do today. I'm making Jerk Chicken and Jamaican Rice & Peas (actually they're beans if you haven't had it) for dinner, so I've got my work cut out for me. Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life with Boys

The boys have been pretty funny lately. At least, I think it's funny. Ethan has been a bully since the day we brought Evan home. In the last few months, Evan has become less and less tolerant of his big brother's antics. First, he would just get visibly frustrated & cry. As time went on, it progressed, and now if Ethan tries to take a toy from him, initially he goes for Ethan's hands. It's Ethan's fault. He used to bite Evan when he was a baby & we kept telling him to stop, now I have to watch them both to make sure no one gets bitten during the day. Well, now Evan yells at Ethan. He really yells. And he either throws what Ethan wants or holds on to it as tight as he can so that Ethan can't take it. It always looks comedic to me, because in the end Evan generally still has the toy & now instead of Evan crying, it's Ethan crying because little brother yelled at him. I crack up laughing every time.

There hasn't been much else going on with us. We were able to go to a friend's house last week & visit with her & her boys last week. The boys enjoyed being out of the house & Evan is the same size as her son who will be 2 later this month.

Ethan has also decided that he has a fear of dinosaurs. We have no idea where it came from, but he actually claims to have seen one in the backyard. He does know what they look like since he has some plastic ones that he's had for quite a while, but suddenly he is VERY affraid of them. Each night, at bed time, he says 'the dinosaurs aren't going to get me.' Then we remind him that they aren't & that they're dead. Erik even went so far a few weeks ago as to tell him that Tyler would protect him from the dinosaurs. While we're still telling him that yes, dinosaurs are dead, it's just something else to make him feel better.

He also seemed to be affraid of lions and elephants briefly & actually had me put his big elephant in the closet for a few nights. He's seems to be over this now though. We're going to try to make plans to take the boys to the San Antonio Zoo soon so that he can see the real animals. I'll be thanking God for the double stroller that day.

I guess that's it for this week (so far). Here's a pic of Evan from a few weeks ago. The turkey climbed up on the couch & got ahold of Erik's remote. Thankfully, it wasn't the new one (although he has gotten his mitts on it a few times already as well).

Tying to take pics...

Is a pain sometimes. Ethan wants to be in EVERY pic & gets mad if I try to take them of Evan. Here's what I could get with my phone yesterday.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Castaways Against Cancer

A very good friend of mine, Jeff, leaves Miami tomorrow to start his annual kayak trip to Key West to raise money for the American Cancer Society. He's in a group called Castaways Against Cancer. Check out his site if you have time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I gave the boys haircuts a few weeks ago. You can see Ethan's face again.

Picture Slideshow

For your viewing pleasure.

The Move

Ok, so I got sick of Geocities. Once I started staying home with the boys, I told myself that I would start keeping it up to date again, but I just can't make myself do it. I really hate working with that website. It's just too much of a hassle & ends up crashing just after I finally get it up & running. So a few weeks ago, I started thinking about how to fix this dilema. My friend, Cristy, has an awesome website that hosts all of their family information & rocks, but I'm not up to paying for it. Then another friend, Jackie, made a blog for her baby & I started thinking this was the right way to go. Blogs are easy. You can make them as hard as you want or just simple as pie. So here we are. Since this should be so easy, I'll try to keep it up to date at least once a week. For now, here you go.

Evan is now 17 months old. The last time he went to the dr (at 15 months), he was the same size that Ethan was at 18 months. He eats everything in sight & if anyone is still eating when he's finished his food, he thinks that he needs to eat theirs too. This is exactly what I needed after dealing with Ethan & his insane pickiness. So here are their stats. Check back as you like & I'll try to get the most recent pics on here too. Even some of Erik & the cows in Bandera. Enjoy.

Evan at 15 months (next appointment 6/30/08)
height: 31"
weight: 24 lbs 1 oz

Ethan at 3 years (next appointment 2/13/09)
height: 35 1/4"
weight: 31.5 lbs