Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Boy Logic

Quick, but funny stories of our day.

Evan got really mad at me & threw a pretty ugly fit this morning.  He thought that I had given Cody a cookie & he wanted one.  What I really did was put a doggie bone in Cody’s kong toy for him to chew on.  No cookies involved.

Later he saw me get a doughnut out of the box that we had stashed in the oven (to hide from them).  He waited until I was back in the living room & went in & got his own out.  He only got busted because he didn’t come back in the living room when I called him.

Both of the boys are napping now & I just finished getting my papers together to take to the county tomorrow to protest our appraisal.  Now it’s time for mommy to relax & maybe even get a nap in before work.  Doubt it, but there’s always hope.

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