Sunday, November 1, 2009


The boys were Buzz Lightyear & Optimus Prime for Halloween this year. We took them out around the neighborhood trick or treating & then they came home & ate WAY too much of their candy while Ethan "helped" me hand out candy to our trick or treaters. He seems to like Optimus Prime more than Bumblebee for some reason, but that actually turned out good because we had at least 3 Bumblebees come to our house & didn't see another Optimus at all. ;)

We've been doing well. We're working on getting back on the BBQ trips & went to Southside in Elgin a few weeks ago on our way down to the coast. Erik & I both really liked it. I even spied a few Bonfire pics on a backwall. Yesterday, we had BBQ again while we were out & about, but it was Rudy's & we've been there a few million times. Love it & Erik says that their brisket has improved. I wouldn't know since I'm such a creature of habit & always get chopped beef from there.

We went to Dickinson/Hitchcock a few weeks ago. Erik & I went to our friend's annual Halloween party as Slash & Jessica Simpson (the theme was music). I'll have to download everyone else's pics to put one up because we didn't take any ourselves. The boys stayed with Granny & Grandpa Hamm in Hitchcock & loved it. Ethan keeps asking if we're going again.

There isn't much else new that has been going on. We have a reliable car now so trips out of town are more of a possibility. We got a new Nissan Rogue for my birthday a few months ago & I'm loving it. Having 4 doors is AWESOME! I think Erik's tired of me telling him how much I love my new car, but I do. We haven't been up to much otherwise. The boys are growing like weeds & are both over 30 pounds finally. They differ about 5 pounds in weight & 5-6" in height. Evan is quickly catching up. Mr. Cody is also growing. He's not the puppy that he was when we got him back in June. He's full of energy & loves to play which is exactly what the boys needed... and he's finally learned to stop chasing the cats... for the most part at least.

I'm not sure why the rest of the pictures aren't on here. Here's the link: Halloween Pics

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