Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to the Swing of Things

wow.  I can’t believe that it’s been so long.  We’ve had a lot of adjusting in the last few months.  I went back to work full time at the beginning of December & so the boys started going to “school.”  They seem to enjoy school, although Mr. Evan is still fighting potty training.  He can’t move up into the 3rd old class until he accomplishes that even though he turned 3 in December.

I’m enjoying my new job & being back in the maritime field.  I never thought I’d find a MARA job up here & am so thankful of the way that it has worked out for us. 

We haven’t really done much lately.  We took the boys to their first Renaissance this year.  Well technically Ethan had been before, but he was under a year old.  We all enjoyed it & Ethan managed to handle the whole day walking around & not bugging us to be carried.  We had Evan in the stroller of course.

We also had a beautiful snow fall in February.  It’s was the most snow that I’ve ever seen actually fall.  Of course the majority happened while I was at work, since I work California hours & don’t get home until late, but Erik took the boys out for a while after they got home & took a few pictures.  I took a few pictures of the snow men in the neighborhood the next morning, but the rest of the snow had already started melting.

Then yesterday, Erik & Ethan had a big boy day & went out to Enchanted Rock.  Ethan says that he enjoyed it.  Evan was home with me while I spent my first weekend on call for work. 

I uploaded all of the recent pics to our Picasa Albums this morning so if you have time, enjoy.

Ren Fest:


Enchanted Rock:

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